IEEE International Conference on Communications
20-24 May 2019 // Shanghai, China
Empowering Intelligent Communications


The Workshop Chairs are very thankful to the numerous established researchers and professors from all-over the world that have accepted to be part of the Technical Program Committee to ensure the highest level of expertise in the review process:

  • S. Amuru, ITT Hyderabad
  • K. Arshad, Ajman University
  • R. Bolla,University of Genoa
  • G. Carofiglio, Cisco Systems
  • S. Chatzinotas, University of Luxembourg
  • A. Conte, Nokia Bell Labs
  • P. Dini, CTTC
  • M. Erol-Kantarci, University of Ottawa
  • C. Fischione, KTH
  • X. Fu, Oregon State University
  • J. Gross, KTH
  • R. Heath, University of Texas
  • M. Hong, University of Minnesota
  • E. Hossain, University of Manitoba
  • J. Hoydis, Nokia Bell Labs
  • B. Kantarci, University of Ottawa
  • A. Klein, TU Darmstadt
  • N. Lee, POSTECH
  • G. Li, Georgia Tech
  • M. Listanti, La Sapienza
  • M. Meo, Politecnico di Torino
  • X. Mestre, CTTC
  • J. Mišić, Ryerson University
  • A. Motahari, Sharif University of Technology
  • M. Navarro, CTTC
  • T. O'Shea, Virginia Tech
  • A. Pastore, CTTC
  • P. Piantanida, CentraleSupélec
  • M. Rossi, University of Padova
  • A. Roumy, Inria Rennes
  • O. Simeone, King’s College London
  • W. Song, University of New Brunswick
  • S. Stanczak, Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute
  • Č. Stefanović, Aalborg University
  • H. Tang, DRDC Ottawa
  • S. ten Brink, University of Stuttgart
  • W. Utschick, Technische Universität München


Innovation Exhibitors