IEEE International Conference on Communications
20-24 May 2019 // Shanghai, China
Empowering Intelligent Communications


Monday, 20 May 2019

9:00 – 12:30

UAV Applications over Cellular Networks: Sensing, Communication, and Computation
Zhu Han; Lingyang Song

Fog Computing: An Enabling Paradigm for Intelligent Services
Xiliang Luo; Xu Chen; Ai-Chun Pang; Ming-Tuo Zhou

Communication Network Design: Model-Based, Data-Driven, or Both?
Marco Di Renzo; Alessio Zappone; Mérouane Debbah

MIMO Transmission with Finite Input Signals
Chengshan Xiao; Yongpeng Wu

Accessing from the Sky: UAV Communications for 5G and Beyond
Rui Zhang; Yong Zeng

Quantum Internet: Wiring the Weirdness
Angela Sara Cacciapuoti; Marcello Caleffi

Cognitive Backscatter Network: A New Paradigm of Energy- and Spectrum-Efficient IoT Communications
Ying-Chang Liang; Dusit Niyato

5G Tactile Internet with Human-in-the-Loop
Frank H.P. Fitzek; Gerhard Fettweis


Monday, 20 May 2019

14:00 – 17:30

Deep Learning for Communications: A Hands-On Experience
Stephan ten Brink; Jakob Hoydis; Sebastian Cammerer; Sebastian Dörner

Cyber-Security Solutions for Internet of Things based on Hardware Security Primitives
Biplab Sikdar

Cellular-based V2X Communications
Yi Qian

Channel measurement and modeling for fifth-generation (5G) system
Andreas Molisch; Jianhua Zhang

Ultra-Low Latency and Machine-Learning Based Mobile Networking
Kwang-Cheng Chen; Shih-Chun Lin

Sparse Signal Processing in Intelligent Communications: from Theory to Practice
Yue Gao; Zhijin Qin; Geoffrey Li

A Unifying Data-Oriented Approach to Wireless Transmission of Big and Small Data
Hong-Chuan Yang; Mohamed-Slim Alouini

Energy and Spectral Efficiency Tradeoffs in Future Communication Networks
Guowang Miao; Zhisheng Niu; Ender Ayanoglu


Friday, 24 May 2019

9:00 – 12:30

Optimization and Economics of Edge-based User-Provided Networks
George Iosifidis; Lin Gao; Jianwei Huang; Leandros Tassiulas

Physical Layer Authentication and Location Verification: A Machine-Learning Perspective
Stefano Tomasin; Xianbin Wang

One Step Closer Towards Intelligent Wireless Network: Spatiotemporal Models, Learning, and Control
Howard Yang; Tony Q. S. Quek

Machine Learning and Stochastic Geometry: Statistical Frameworks Against Uncertainty in Wireless LANs
Koji Yamamoto; Takayuki Nishio

Machine Learning for AI-Driven Wireless Networks: Challenges and Opportunities
Walid Saad; Mehdi Bennis

Molecular Communications: Theory, Practice and Challenges
Lie-Liang Yang

Wireless Communications with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Evgenii Vinogradov; Sofie Pollin

5G for Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) Communication
Robert Heath; Nuria González-Prelcic

Integrated Aerial/Terrestrial 6G Networks for 2030s
Halim Yanikomeroglu


Friday, 24 May 2019

14:00 – 17:30

Rate-Splitting and Robust Interference Management: Theory and Applications
Bruno Clerckx

Safeguarding the 5G Era and Beyond with Physical Layer Wireless Security
Nan Yang; Xiangyun Zhou; Jemin Lee

Fog-Radio Access Networks: Principles, Key Techniques, and Applications
Zhongyuan Zhao; Haijun Zhang; Chonggang Wang; Mugen Peng

Unlocking new Dimensions in Radio-based Positioning "5G Localization"
Henk Wymeersch; Gonzalo Seco-Granados

Machine Learning for Wireless Networks: Basics, Applications, and Trends
Ekram Hossain

Orthogonal Time Frequency Space (OTFS) Modulation
Emanuele Viterbo; Yi Hong; A. Chockalingam

Orbital Angular Momentum for Wireless Communications: Theory, Challenges, and Future Trends
Wenchi Cheng

Wireless Channel Measurements and Models for 5G and Beyond
Cheng-Xiang Wang; Zaichen Zhang; Haiming Wang