IEEE International Conference on Communications
20-24 May 2019 // Shanghai, China
Empowering Intelligent Communications

Call for Papers


The importance of transportation systems has grown massively in recent years, in line with the problems arising from their pervasiveness: permanent congestion on highways and urban centres, energy waste, CO2 emissions and high accident rates. Applications for cooperative, connected and automated mobility (CCAM), capable of data sensing, acquisition, processing and communication provide an unprecedented potential to improve vehicle and road safety, passengers comfort and efficiency of traffic management. To support such visionary scenarios, an ecosystem needs to be set up involving handheld devices, vehicles, road infrastructures and control centers, interconnected by wireless sensor networks and vehicular networks, gathering and sharing operational and environmental information that will support those smart mobility goals. This will involve collaborative applications running unattended in personal devices, vehicles, road-side units and back office of the emergency services, road operators and public services, that will report information to and take commands from counterpart applications in a Machine-to-Machine (M2M) fashion. Vehicles, pedestrians, bicycles, etc., in particular, will benefit from these connected devices through communication, distributed sensing and cooperative perception, boosting their safety with local information sharing.


Specific topics include, but are not limited to:

·       Communication systems for cooperative, connected and automated mobility

·       Cooperative perception 

·       Deterministic medium access control

·       Security and privacy issues

·       5G ultra-reliable and low-latency communications

·       Massive Machine Type Communications for CCAM

·       New paradigms for smart mobility

·       Real-time aspects of smart mobility

·       Software agents for cooperative sensing

·       Ad-hoc and mobile networks for the collection layer

·       Data distribution and information extraction

·       Traffic related information gathering

·       Integration of WSN with other networks

·       Personal handled devices as sensing peripherals

·       Road parking monitoring and traffic handling

·       Protocols for vehicular cooperative communications

·       Data Distribution Platforms

·       New network paradigms for CCAM (SDN, NFV, ICN, etc.)

Importatant Dates:

Submissions Due: 25 January 2019​

Notifications: 22 February 2019 ​

Camera Ready Submission: 16 March 2019 ​